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Sarasota Silver I/N Tournament

The annual I/N Sectional Tournament was held Oct 11-12 at the In-Between-Bridge Club. We hosted 68 tables. Many volunteers were responsible for the success of the tournament. Marci Weisgold designed the flyer. Jim Fox put together a restaurant guide.

Margaret Tomonosky, Janet Kane, Kathy Grant, Russ Delaney, Jean Minneman and Linda Jackson distributed flyers.

Suzanne Goldman and Ann and Tony Munson greeted players at our Registration Desk. Carol Hamilton sold entries and Jim Russell helped players fill out convention cards.

As well as directing and co-chairing the function, Michelle Golden put together 11 pairs and 4 teams. She also served as Hospitality Chairman. Cynthia Murphy Co chaired the tournament with Michelle.


Youth 4 Bridge Volunteers

Nancy Abrams, Gloria Bart, Celene Berman, Harriette Buckman, Patty Chiszar, Don Coucke, Allyn Clayman, Charlotte Engle, Judy Flack, Claire Hendricks, David Hendricks, Barbara Horowitz, Jane Huerta, George Kenworthy, Asya Ladyshensky, Irina Ladyshensky, Larry Lewis, Mimi Metz, Terry Neis, Phyllis Prager, Jay Richman, Hans Stocker, Iris Wilson, and Sylvia Woodhouse.